Greetings, fellow science lovers! It’s Monday! That means it’s time for another weekly dose of Science Time! Today Gerald tackles Newton’s laws of motion. What antics does he have for us this time?

Things are about to get sciency up in here. (perhaps)

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We’ve posted the first three episodes of STWG, which have all been very successful. Look out for more posts from us, and of course a new episode on Monday!


STWG - Homogeneous Mixtures

A homogeneous mixture has the same consistency throughout. In today’s episode, Gerald shows us how you can create these mixtures in your own home!

STWG - Projectile Motion

In today’s episode, Gerald explains the movement of projectiles through free space. Let’s hope all goes well…

STWG - Who the hell is Gerald?

Prepare yourselves for a weekly dose of awesome as our favorite host Gerald guides us through the realms of scientific study, every Monday. Hold on to your pants.